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How to register your business with us

In just four easy steps to become a shop partner from initial registration to getting started!


Create your account in our marketplace with just a few clicks.


Store your business registration, bank details and verify yourself with us.

Product upload

Upload your products and offers quickly and easily using Excel/CSV template integration.

Take off

As soon as all processes are completed, nothing stands in the way of your success!

Your benefits

No monthly / annual fees

You do not pay any monthly / annual fees to offer your range on our shop. Registration is also completely free for you and your company. (There is no subscription. We only charge a sales completion fee of 5% for a successful sale)

Personal sales partner support

We are happy to support you at any time. Your personal contact will be at your side throughout the partnership and the development of your range. Depending on the attractiveness of the offers, we are also very happy to purchase the goods directly from you.

Innovative revenue opportunities

For each target group there are special measures in modern marketing, you will find exactly your target group in our shop and do not have to invest any money or carry out a time-consuming acquisition.

New platform

With our new and modern platform, we offer your company the opportunity to increase your range and awareness.

Grow with our shop

Benefit from our traffic and arouse the interest of our customers in your range.

Full freedom of choice

You are completely free to decide which items you want to offer, when and at what price.

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