We buy your new or used electronics and media items!

We specifically buy the following items:

In just four easy steps to purchasing your electronics and media items!


Photograph the item and describe the condition

A few photos of the item and a short description with the following information about the brand, condition and your asking price are sufficient.

Price negotiation offer acceptance or rejection

Your asking price will be checked by one of our specialists. You will then receive feedback from our skilled worker as soon as possible as to whether we accept your asking price or whether it needs to be negotiated.



Submission and Review of Items

We will inspect your items as soon as we receive them. If something does not meet our conditions, you will get the item back.

Sale Closing

We will pay you the agreed amount if everything is in order. Just let us know whether you would like to receive your payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

(If you pay out via Paypal, a transaction fee of 2% will be retained)


Sell ​​commission-free

When you buy from us, you always get attractive, fair prices that are appropriate to the resale value for the items you no longer need.

Personal customer care

We are happy to support you at any time. Your personal contact will be at your side throughout the entire purchase process.

Earn money with used items

You do not have to dispose of the items you no longer need, but you can still turn them into money without any problems and even protect the environment at the same time.

Sustainability & environmental awareness

We are committed to more sustainability and appreciative use of the limited resources available in our world. Buying and selling used items gives each item a longer life cycle. As a result, less important resources are wasted.


All incoming items are subjected to strict quality control. Many items must be professionally prepared before resale. This is done in our in-house refurbishment. Only when it has been ensured that the item is flawless does it go into our online shop.

We also buy larger quantities

You will notice a significant time saving, since the sales process is completed within a very short time. You don't have to waste your valuable time on auction platforms such as Ebay, classified ads and all the others, as well as the time-consuming advertising of all items. You are completely free to decide which items you want to offer, when and at what price.

Sustainability by reducing CO2-Emissions

By selling your used item, you support the sustainable recycling economy and give your device a second life. We take care of the refurbishing of these devices and put them back into circulation. In addition to professional data deletion and cleaning, this means that smartphones, tablets, consoles, etc. are repaired and processed. This saves energy and many resources that would be used in the manufacture of new devices at the expense of the environment. Accordingly, you also reduce your CO2 footprint by selling your used equipment.

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